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IAMO Forum 2024

The Functions of Land in Times of Change:
Environmental, Social, and Economic Perspectives
26 - 28 June 2024 | Halle (Saale)

Amidst rising competition for land resources and unprecedented global transformations, IAMO Forum 2024 aims to unravel the manifold functions and roles of land for our ever-evolving environment, society, and economy.

We seek to understand how land contributes environmental sustainability, social equity, food security and economic prosperity. In an era marked by swift urbanization, conflicts and warfare, the climate and biodiversity crises, shifting land-use patterns, and changing demographics, understanding, managing, and harnessing the functions of land have become imperative. We aim to bring together experts from different disciplines with their particular perspectives. Our inter- and transdisciplinary conference provides a unique platform to share innovative insights, rigorous research, and practical solutions that address the complex challenges and opportunities associated with land use.

By fostering dialogue across disciplines and actors, the IAMO Forum 2024 aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic roles of land in a world undergoing rapid transformation.

 The Forum welcomes contributions on the following topics:

  • Tradeoffs between social, ecological, and economic functions of land
  • Interplay of land use and environmental pressures
  • Implications of land ownership and property rights distribution
  • Land market dynamics, prices, and efficiency
  • Impacts of land markets and regulations
  • Effects of conflicts and warfare on agriculture
  • Land ethics

Quantitative and qualitative as well as methodological and theoretical contributions from agricultural, food, and resource economics and related disciplines are welcome. We particularly encourage submissions from Central and Eastern Europe and from Central and Eastern Asia. 

The conference language will be English.